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Pool Deck Resurfacing in Jupiter, Florida,

Getting Jupiter pool decks made to suit your preference has now turned into what looks like an extreme sport. There are so many "experts" out there without expertise. A simple mistake to engage such bogus individuals means you won't get the most out of your time, money, and other resources. You need tested, approved, and experienced pool decks Jupiter contractors to get the job done – and for this, you can count on us 100%. We know your pool deck needs to offer the best relaxation and are ready to customize it. Let's give your space that functional, cozy, and safe pool deck you've always wanted!

Meet Epic Pool Decks!

At Epic Pool Decks, we are specialists in pool deck services for homes and businesses serving all the neighborhoods in and around Jupiter, FL. Our reputation in Jupiter and beyond continues to grow, thanks to our exceptional services in pool deck installations, resurfacing, remodeling, repairs, restorations, and refinishing. We are ready for all pool deck needs and will do it affordably, on time, and while keen on details.

Just as the name implies, at Epic Pool Decks, we don't just do the obvious; we go over and beyond to create inviting and epic decks that turn heads. Regardless of the reason for initiating the project, our custom work approach assures a sustainable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing deck. We'll work on the pool decks to meet your needs and preferences –

  • Pool Deck repairs
  • Pool Deck Resurfacing
  • Pool Remodeling
  • Eurotile Pool Deck
  • Spray Deck
  • Cool Deck (Kool Decking)
  • Pool Deck Travertine


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Frequently Asked Questions

pool decks jupiter fl

Why Choose Us

Our services are comprehensive

Epic Pool Decks is your all-inclusive pool deck service company from project assessment to completion. We offer pool deck resurfacing, restorations, remodeling, repairs, refinishing, and even new installations from scratch.

We offer a personalized service

Our contractors take each resurfacing project uniquely and customize it based on the client's needs and preferences. In every milestone, from start to finish, we'll involve you to guarantee a pool deck that meets your specifications.

We have qualified contractors

Each of our staff has extensive skills and knowledge of decks. Coupled with many years of experience, knowledge of up-to-date resurfacing trends, and exceptional customer service, expect a team that knows the ins and outs of your project.

We serve all homes and businesses

Call us if you are a residential or commercial property owner or manager and want safe and functional Jupiter pool decks for your loved ones or clients. We'll handle all projects that need pool deck installations and resurfacing in Jupiter.

We only use the best decking materials

Among the reasons for delivering quality decks is using affordable and premium decking materials. Whether you want concrete pavers, bricks, natural stones, or any other pool decking option, we'll help you get the best from America's top manufacturers.

Our Services

We provide expert pool decks Jupiter services. You can depend on us whether you are in Valencia, The Bluffs, The Heights of Jupiter, Abacoa, New Haven, Jupiter Village, Hamptons, Admiral's Cove, Jupiter Bay, Tequesta, or Tuscany, and surrounding areas. Our services are unbeatable and with a guarantee of quality custom decks that satisfy your home or business desires while spending affordably. You'll not find the same level of service elsewhere at such a price and quality.

Ready for help? You only need to keep a keen eye on the common signs of deck deterioration like cracks and other damages, discoloration, unevenness, extreme surface fading, slipperiness, and roughness, then reach out before it's too late. You don't have to worry about the demands or complexity of your project. Whether it's a small or big deck or the project has a tight deadline, we'll get it done.

Each of our Jupiter pool decks gets facilitation with the best products. Don't stress about what to do or the materials to use. We fix different pool decks – from concrete and natural stone to pavers pool decks. In addition, we know where to source premium materials – from manufacturers who have showcased quality and durability and save you money. Let Epic Pool Decks Jupiter take over!


Pool Deck Travertine

Normal can be boring, especially when it comes to pool decks! An excellent option we recommend to break monotony is travertine. It's unique, quite beautiful, and gives a natural feel. In fact, so many people in Florida are going the travertine route! And we'd love to say this: Your upcoming project on travertine installation in Jupiter, FL, needs an expert, and we are the best installers to depend on.

We have successfully installed quality travertine pavers and pool deck tiles in different homes and businesses, and we can confidently say that you've made a good choice. You'll love the travertine pool deck's durability and versatility. As a luxury pool decking material, failure to hire experienced contractors with the know-how of the latest pool deck trends will leave you with regrets. Don't fall into that trap. We are here to help you create a design and style that you'll love from this natural stone.

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Pool Deck Resurfacing

With us on board, you don't have to panic about your untidy, worn-out, and damaged pool deck surface. Even when your pool deck is a complete eyesore, we are there for you. Our resurfacing contractors will arrive at the site, assess the situation, listen to you, and help you rejuvenate your pool surface – we'll dive into the work regardless of what it demands.

We have qualified staff and the best resurfacing equipment, guaranteeing timely project completion and a quality deck with custom details. We will also resurface the deck using the best approach and quality materials. Expect an aesthetically put and safe deck that serves your needs after we complete the professional pool deck resurfacing Jupiter. Call us now to get started with your resurfacing project!

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Pool Deck Remodeling

As time passes, you'll probably realize that your pool deck never excites you again. That feeling calls for a remodel, and our Jupiter pool resurfacing and remodeling contractors will always respond to your urgent desires. Let's help you change the deck design, style, add-on features, and other specifics to what excites you. We'll be ready for the assignment regardless of the material options you want us to use.

The good news is that we've done this for many years, positioning us as ideal contractors to give you unique and actionable remodeling ideas. With our advice and hands-on expertise, you'll be happy to own a pool deck with the specifications you once dreamed of. Call us now!

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Eurotile Pool Deck

Eurotile pool decks are known for their simple, versatile, stylish, and hygienic nature – they are among the decking options that require extremely little maintenance. The thought of having our contractors install these quality pool deck tiles means you are looking forward to a fantastic experience. That's a wise decision! Worry not because we'll even exceed your residential or commercial pool deck expectations.

Our Jupiter pool decks tile contractors always approach Eurotile pool deck installation with great attention and professionalism. We'll work with your budget and ensure the installed decks tiles meet your needs and last decades. Well-installed Eurotile will also withstand heavy traffic, chemicals, stains, and extreme weather. You'll not regret making the decision. Hire us now, and you'll be surprised to learn that we do Eurotile resurfacing better than most installers.

Residential Pool Deck Resurfacing

Are you in need of resurfacing your residential or home pool deck? Look no further. Our contractors, with decades of resurfacing experience, will help you resurface and update the decks to meet your pool's functional and safety needs. If your pool is always busy and you want the project finished fast, we'll deliver without compromising quality. Every deck we've resurfaced in Jupiter turns out valuable, beautiful, and long-lasting.

We value your input on the project and deliver based on your needs because you know the style and design that complements your entire home better. Don't wait until your child or guest trips off and falls on your deck or when you need a replacement. Some hazardous inconveniences without prior planning will heartbreak you. We are ready to resurface all home pool decks in Jupiter. Call Epic Pool Decks now.

Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing

We are your go-to contractors whenever you need commercial pool deck resurfacing in Jupiter, FL. We attend to all business premises and public spaces with swimming pools. It can be business centers, offices, hotels, apartments, schools, etc. Your clients want a place they can relax and get value for their money – and we'll help you achieve that.

We know that pool decks get a lot of preference, for instance, when hosting pool parties, and we want your customers to enjoy every minute. A well-resurfaced and durable pool deck for business spaces means an influx of ready customers. It's because clients will enjoy the luxurious feel of the deck without worrying about their safety. Such clients will leave positive reviews and recommend more people. Talk to us, and let's discuss your needs, commercial pool decking budgets, and much more about your project.

kool deck jupiter fl

Cool Deck (Kool Decking)

Cool Deck for pool decking is a remarkable coating and resurfacing material, especially when you have a concrete deck that doesn't serve you the way you want. Our Jupiter Kool Decking contractors understand the ins and outs of this material choice, and we'll install it the right way so you can enjoy its durability and affordability to the maximum.

After the installation, you can be sure of a complete transformation of your pool deck's appearance and function. For instance, you will now say goodbye to slippage accidents when the surface is wet, and the decking material will effectively resist heat, keeping the surface cool during the summer heat. Let's install Kool Decking for you, and you'll be happy you decided to give your deck a new breath of life.

Spray Deck

We are ready to help you resurface your concrete pool deck with Spray Deck, which involves applying a Spray Deck coating on the pool surface as a finish. Most people on a budget and want something that gives value prefer the Spray Deck. Note that the pool deck doesn't have to be unsightly to use this great approach – feel free to use it even on your just-installed decks.

It's economical and comes with multiple colors for easy deck customization. More so, it's durable, anti-slip, allows for cooling and resists chemical reactions. In addition to using Spray Deck for pool deck finishing, it is a superb coating for your home or business walkways, driveways, and other concrete surfaces. Call, and let's show up for Spray Deck resurfacing or finishing for pool decks now!


Pool Deck Restoration

We are the most comprehensive company you can depend on to restore pool decks Jupiter. Since our contractors do anything from resurfacing and remodeling to renovations and more, rest assured that there's no pool deck restoration project we can't take. We handle those deck imperfections professionally, and you'll love it. But first, we'll listen to your restoration needs and specifically act on them.

Whether you want upgrades or complete pool deck customization, our reliable and trustworthy team is ready. We have restored multiple decks in Jupiter that were once dirty and unsafe to sparkling surfaces that continue to look good and offer maximum functionality years later. Reach out now, and let's help you rediscover the hidden beauty of your pool deck – we are only a call away!

pool deck repairs

Pool Deck Repairs

We offer professional pool deck repair in Jupiter to give you a safe space to relax and have fun with your loved ones. Damaged pool decks are pretty disastrous – but the good thing is you can see and feel these damages and act accordingly before the issue escalates. It's frustrating to "ouch" whenever you step on the deck. The coarse deck, protruding concrete chips, flaking surface, and deck cracks can cause extreme discomfort to pool users. Your pool surfaces, including the pool deck, shouldn't cause discomfort.

Is your pool deck problem worse than that? We handle more demanding problems like structural damages. Once we access the area, we'll know whether to fix the repairs or recommend a new pool deck installation. We have reinforced many pool decks using high-end techniques and can do it for you. Call us, and let's repair your deck today!


Pool Deck Refinishing

Refinishing a pool deck is something you'll need after every couple of years. However, it depends on your area's climate, the quality of refinishing materials, how effective you do maintenance, and the traffic. Epic Pool Decks understands that you are refinishing your pool deck to make it more functional and attractive. We use the best coating on your pool deck to meet the desired needs.

It can be waterproofing the deck, making it UV resistant, or keeping away mold and mildew that destroy the surface. Interestingly, we do all this while boosting the deck's aesthetics. Before refinishing starts, we'll prepare the deck and make sure it's ready to work on. Quality preparations help avoid inconveniences in the future. Reach out, and let's work on your stressful deck and deliver quality polishing and refinishing!

Let's Resurface Your Jupiter Pool Decks Today!

Are you in the market for any of our pool decks Jupiter services? Don't postpone anymore; take a bold step and interact with us. You'll enjoy the best custom styles and designs, timely completion of the resurfacing, and a deck that will serve you for decades. Based on your needs, we'll commit to delivering what you want and exceed your expectations. You'll also be excited to know how to perform your pool deck's routine maintenance care for outstanding functionality, looks, and feel. Stop worrying about the resurfacing costs; we know you have a budget to adhere to, and we'll chart the way forward.

Don't hesitate to contact us today – you can fill out the online contact form, call, or email us.

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